About me

My name is Amanda Johnson and I am an Okie girl.  I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and love it dearly.  I love the Lord and strive to be close to him daily.  My husband, David, and I have been married for almost 10 years and we have two beautiful little girls.  

I’m a full time working mom and I’m constantly trying to find balance.  I love to blog as an outlet for honesty about life and focus on fun!  I thought I would start off by doing an “all about me” blog post.  Here are 10 facts about me:

1.  I have an irrational fear of frogs.  

When I was in third grade my family lived in a town home complex and there was a group of us kids who used to play together.  One summer day a boy about my age decided to chase me with a frog in his hands.  I already thought frogs were creepy so I ran away to hide in the community laundry room.  I slammed the door but since the top part of the door was a window my arms went through it.  I had cuts all up and down my arms and was literally and figuratively scarred for life.  Since the cause of all this started with a frog my fear of them grew to what is now extremely irrational and at times paralyzing.  

2.  I am a member of Weight Watchers.  

I have been a member of Weight Watchers for a little more than a year and a half.  It has had its ups and downs like anything but I have lost 55 pounds which is better than I could have done on my own for sure!  I’m a big believer in accountability and it has definitely helped me stay on track.  Knowing that I have to weigh and admit to what I ate every week makes me consider everything differently.  I love the meetings, all the support I get from my leader and fellow Weight Watchers people, as well as all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I will likely blog quite a bit about things I’ve learned and how things are going!

3. I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

It’s strange because I’m not a huge reader but I have been a huge Harry Potter fan since the first movie came out.  I remember back then I worked for Blockbuster and thought I might check it out.  After that I was hooked and have read all the books and made the pilgrimage to Universal Studios to see Hogwarts.  I’m a closeted nerd and love that kind of thing!  

4.  I love carbs.

My favorite food varies but it is almost always very carby.  For the longest time my favorite food was spaghetti or anything pasta based.  Now I still love pasta but it switches between that and popcorn and a Japanese dish called curry rice.  The story behind curry rice is my grandpa has been dating the same Japanese woman since the 70s and she is like a grandma to me.  She makes a dish called curry rice which is essentially a curry stew with pork and vegetables poured over a bed of rice.  It is amazing!  My guilty pleasure is anything donut related.  It is so hard to say no…hence why I’m in Weight Watchers!

5.  My husband was my first kiss.

I was by no means a huge nerd in high school but I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to date back then.  I really didn’t blossom into my awesome self (haha) until college.  My husband had recently graduated from Baylor and moved back home to work for his home church.  My mom worked there too and we ended up meeting and falling in love.  He was my first boyfriend and first kiss.  I truly believe God knew I couldn’t deal with heartbreak after heartbreak so he gave me the right one the first time!

6. I drive like a grandma.

I suffer from anxiety and driving can be a big trigger for me.  I pretty much drive like a grandma.  Especially when I’m going somewhere I am not used to going or somewhere new all together.  My husband is a pretty aggressive driver so I normally let him take the wheel any time we are together.

7. I love the Lord.

I have been a Christian my entire life.  I love the Lord and he is the only way I have strength to get through the day.  His peace helps me deal.  Being a working mother is like moving a hundred miles a minute from the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning to the moment you fall into bed at night.  I know he loves me despite my failures and his grace means his love for me is unconditional.  

8.  I’m a worship leader.

As a Christian one of the ways I feel closest to the Lord is through leading worship at church.  I love to sing and I love to use my gift to help other people worship and feel close to him.  I am very active in my church’s music ministry and I have been committed for the last 10 years. It is just one of those things that makes me instantly happy and is a huge stress reliever for me.  I am teaching my girls to love music and see it as an oulet to praise the Lord.

9. My first crush was Johnny Cash.

I’m not exactly sure why this is but I think when I was really little Johnny Cash had a commercial where he was promoting something.  I thought he was dreamy.  As an okie girl whose grandpa loves country music I suppose it was only natural!

10.  My guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor.

I must say I have many guilty pleasures but one of them is watching The Bachelor and other related shows.  I never watched it until I started in my HR role a couple years ago.  All my friends at work watched it and I felt the peer pressure!  I started watching so I would be able to join the discussion and now I’m hooked!

Well there you have it.  Ten facts about me that you probably didn’t know.  I’m sure as time goes on I will reveal much more but this is a good foundation!

Til next time!    


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