What’s in a name?

Today I thought I would go into a bit more detail regarding my blog’s name.  You may be thinking “What in the world does ReyDelle mean?”  Well today you will learn!  ReyDelle is essentially my daughter’s names squished together!

My oldest daughter’s name is Adelle.  Her name is of Germanic descent and means “sweet or noble”.  While I love the music of Adele, almost obsessively, she is not named after her.  My grandmother’s name is Delma and she passed away when my mother was eight.  I look a lot like her and I am told behave a lot like her as well.  So naturally I loved the idea of incorporating her name when I had my own children.  I’m not ashamed though that I didn’t name her Delma because well…nowadays that would be a little cruel!  Most people called her Del and Adelle is the perfect way to honor her while staying modern.  Here is a picture of the two of us one Sunday morning.

My youngest daughter’s name is Reagan.  Her name is of Irish descent and means “little ruler” which is so funny because she definitely thinks she rules the roost.  Most of the time we just call her Rey because it is cute and honestly that is all she can say anyway!  She calls her self Rey Rey.  I love the spelling “Rey” because of the character in Star Wars.  I know as Reagan gets older she will be proud to have the same name of a strong female character.  Reagan isnt’ named after anyone I’ve just always liked the name.  I taught preschool before David and I got married and there are many names I will not name my child based on interactions with certain kiddos back then!  There was a little girl named Reagan that was so sweet back then so the name was untainted for me.  Here is a picture of her at school recently.

So as I was pondering what I should name my blog it just made sense for me to incorporate the two things that mean the most to me in this world.  Now if we ever have another kid that may changes things a little bit but we will cross that bridge when (and if) we get there!

Til next time!


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