Fall bucket list

Every season I sit down with my family and we talk about what memories we want to create in the coming season.  It is a lot of fun to write it all out and cross things off as we complete them.  It is important that we do something as a family to make sure we don’t let the season fly by without making some memories!  One of the things about being a working mom that I struggle with the most is I’m seriously always on the go from dawn til dusk.  I have to focus on a thousand different things and can easily forget to relax and have fun!  I have found this is an easy way to ensure we do that as a family.

Here is our Fall Bucket list this year!

  1. Jump in leaves at the park
  2. Make leaf prints
  3. Go to the playground 
  4. Buy costumes
  5. Go trick or treating 
  6. Go to the zoo
  7. Pumpkin patch / hayride
  8. Campfire / marshmallows
  9. Carve pumpkin
  10. Play football
  11. Decorate the house
  12. Make popcorn from a cob
  13. Go to a Baylor game
  14. Cook a turkey

I have this list written out and posted on our fridge.  Every week or so we cross of things we have done and plan when we want to do the others.  This weekend we are going to a church camp out which will count as our campfire!  Here in Oklahoma we will probably have to wait until late November to jump in leaves but we already know of some good places we can go to do that!

This is something I highly recommend for any family!  It is a lot of fun and a good way to make sure you creat memories!

Til next time!


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